Roll over your unused data. Because fair is how we roll.

With Xplore Mobile, you can keep 100% of your unused data. If you don’t use it this month, it rolls over to the next and you’ll use it before the current month’s data kicks in.

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We’re here to stay and we’re better.

At Xplore Mobile, we do things differently. We put customers first. Visit in-store or book a virtual appointment and judge for yourself.

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The best plans deserve the best phones.

Do you want an awesome phone or an incredible phone? It’s your call. Choose from our amazing selection.

Solid 4G LTE + coverage.

The reliable Xplore network makes it easy to stay connected.

Fair, simple and transparent tabs.

All tabs are available with each of our monthly rate plans and with every device we offer. Just pick the size of the tab you want to apply.

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Have we got a plan for you.

XM Canada Essentials


Unlimited Canada-wide calling

$35/month + tab

Unused data does not rollover into next month

Rollover Canada 5


Unlimited Canada-wide calling

$55/month + tab

100% unused data rollover into next month

Rollover Canada 10


Unlimited Canada-wide calling

$70/month + tab

100% unused data rollover into next month

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You can change your postal code at any time by pressing the location button in the site navigation. Address must match primary area of use. Usage exceeding 50% over two months outside area can result in disruption of services and mandatory plan change.